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Goldman and Public Coffers: Free at Last?

For long after this crisis has passed, and long after Lord Lloyd Blankfien has retired to the manor of American politics that befits the leaders of this Great American Corporation (see Henry Paulson, Jon Corzine, Bob Rubin), few will remember the murky relationship between Goldman and public coffers. This post is intended to clear up this obfuscation.


Dynamic Hedging

The Stress Tests. Dynamic Hedging E-mail Exchange»

After the government released the results of the Stress Tests, the writers of DeltaHedged had a brief e-mail exchange.

Hoaxes and Hoaxsters

You Will Take These Results and You Are Going to LIKE Them»

Can you say lets-all-stay-on-message-and-see-how-that-works strategy?
Like two working parents comparing notes how to confront their rambunctious child who has just been sent home from school for the 4th time this week for vandalizing property and general rambunctiousness, it’s time for the government to gang tackle this bitch.
You hear that market?  You are now confident?  Ok?  Why? [...]

Term of the Week

Easy Money»

Term used to describe a trading opportunity that is very likely to produce gains.  Beware of people who use this term; as they are only giving advice and would never be stupid enough to make the trade themself.  Afterall, there is no such thing as easy money.
Use in a sentence: “Dude, shorting the 10Y?  That’s [...]